substantive editing

This is the most interactive and intensive level of editing, your big picture issues. I help you develop your vision, define your voice, and create a strong structure and coherent narrative flow.

line Editing

What it sounds like: I go line by line, identifying narrative inconsistencies, strengthening sentence structure, correcting repeated and overused words, optimizing structure, and the like, combined with detail orientation similar to copyediting, but that you can't find a key to in the AP or Chicago Manual of Style. I take the content you already have and optimize it. 


I provide no feedback on the story itself, focusing on the mechanics of the sentences and words. For these edits, style manuals are the Bible.

Email me at shannonsthilaire at for more information. I will ask to read a sample of your project and can provide a sample edit along with my rate for you. If you would like more than one service, I will create a package for you.

I look forward to getting to know you and your project!