Create and edit internal communications as well as user-facing support materials.

Objective: Turn complicated policy into digestible yet elegant language for colleagues and customers. 

Serve on the Board of Directors and edit the recently published inaugural anthology.

Objective: Create a platform for the messages of community members, editing to ensure the delivery is effective.


Line-edited and proofread the blog.

Objective: Ensure that each piece flows, is in keeping with Tin House standards, and is free of errors.


Substantively edited manuscripts for the nonfiction and memoir imprint of Zharmae Publishing Press. Regularly wrote articles on the craft.

Objective:  Promote writing in which the language itself elevates the reading experience.


96 Shades of Dead - assisted in formatting and proofreading

Portland 2017: An Anthology from The People's Colloquium - reviewed submissions and copyedited and proofread the prose pieces

Unwanted Discovery - provided line edits

Unwanted House Guest - provided line edits

Dictionaries Out of Order - acquired the manuscript and provided line edits

The Trophy Wife

While I write in a variety of forms, my primary identity as a writer is that of a novelist. My current project is The Trophy Wife, a marriage of young adult fantasy and romantic satire.

Twenty-three-year-old Pri is a formerly ambitious, jaded milennial who has recently retired from a dancing career and is looking for a new profession. When she meets James, the handsome CFO at the financial firm where she temps, Pri finds a new opportunity.

After a hasty love affair, Pri marries James and finds herself a career wife, complete with end-of-year bonuses and assignments involving the mysterious, dancing servants. Soon Pri is failing at her new “job” and feeling cooped up in the house, until she discovers a dumbwaiter that is a portal to another world.

She then learns that nothing is what it seems—the servants are an exploited people, their dance is a language, and James is more than her charming better-half.

All Pri wanted was to be the best trophy wife, but now she finds herself caught in a battle for freedom—for an enslaved people, and for herself.

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